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Friends we provide tailor made training program as per your need and we also provide personal counseling on one to one basis.

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    Money Matrix

    Money, money, oh money! I love you Money...!!!

    Be an Enlightened Multi Millionaire

    Discover the Ultimate Secrets of

    Wealth & Prosperity

    We can be a fast track money winner. Practical life success can only be total Money Success. If you understand money, you can understand life. Money is given the major importance in life and we don't

    have any training for making it. Our training is based on 11 years of research of western and eastern techniques to make Millions and live with fulfillment. We are as rich as we think we are. The world is abundant in everything. It is only our limitation of thinking that makes us poor. This workshop is all about projecting the thoughts and pictures of abundance in our sub-conscious mind. Free energy rotation in YOU enhances FREE money circulation FOR YOU. Blocked energy stagnation affects YOUR free money flow. The root cause of this block is MONEY MIND clutters. Clearing the clutters and resorting easy money flow to everyone with ancient and current techniques is the enlightened way of attaining MONEY SUCCESS.

    " Secret of Financial Freedom "

    There is nothing on earth that you can not have
    once you have mentally accepted
    the fact that you can have it. - Robert Collier

    Money is like a sixth sen

    and you can't make use of the other five without it.

    Do you have Money Problems?
    No Job?
    Losses in the Share Market?
    Poor Savings?
    Huge Debts / Expenses?
    Business Losses?
    Scarcity of Money?
    Competition in Business?
    Bad Investments?
    You have enough Money
    Stuck Money?
    But you don't have Mental Peace

    The answer to all the above questions is

    Money Matrix Workshop

    Course Contents :

    Key Words, Phrases, Meditations, that Work Wonders for Wealth.

    Powerful Money Rituals that Transforms your Money World.

    How to use The Secret Laws of Wealth for your own Benefit

    How to use The Power of Prosperous Thinking to win Goals

    How to Attract Money & How to Recover Stuck Money

    How certain Attitudes of Mind create Prosperity in Life

    Thoughts become Things & The Power of Thinking big

    The Power of Desire, Belief, Attitude and Expectation

    Some Short Cuts and Great Ideas to Attract Money

    Learn to spend Money – Change Money Blueprint

    Change Mental Level from Thousands to Crores.

    The Process for Rapidly Attracting Abundance

    How to Make Nature work for your Money

    How certain Attitudes of Mind create Prosperity in Life

    The Secret of Wealth – Be Money Magnet

    Clear Money – Mind Clutters

    The Prosperity Prayer

    Corporate Training
    Ask what you need we are ready to deliver tailor made training.
    A journey from what you are to what you can be...
    This workshop will help you to change your ways how business is conducted & how people working with you deliver the best value to your business. The challenges faced today are imposing extravagant stress amongst employees. More than ever before, today's leaders and managers must learn to manage change by creating effective teams operating within cultures that support and encourage excellence. Leading and managing change requires a thorough knowledge of the human equation :

    Developing a grounded and useful awareness of self and others.
    Knowing how to create and maintain quality relationships.
    Using power effectively as a decision-maker.

      Crores of rupees are invested in various projects with the expectation for wide range of business benefits. However upto 70% of business investments fail to deliver the promised business benefits & business values.  

    Helps to Transform - Staying up, up in a down down world
    Boss/Manager into Leader
    Sales people into Super Star
    Employees into Entrepreneur
    Lazy into Extra Mile Worker
    Small Business/Manufacturing Unit to Giant Enterprise/Corporate House.

    Leading Others
    The most universal management skill is leadership. Leaders used to be regarded as heroes who single-handedly led his organizations to success (all failure). People skills, such as the ability to inspire others, faster a sense of co-operation, delegate effectively, communication skills and understanding body language, are of critical importance. Equally vital is the mastery of a range of practical skills - from effective skills to time management - and a confident, determined attitude towards your career. A balanced mixed of all these elements is what differentiates a competent leader.

    Effectiveness of Program - Real world tactics, reality based Motivational Program
    A unique and effective program with interactive tools of learning, discussion, exercises and stimulations with a focus of developing and transferring skills spontaneously. At the end of the whole curriculum, you will walk away with an action plan that will help you to handle day to day problems effectively, turn potential into reality and achieve growth. This workshop is an indispensable guide to achieving excellence for competitive businessmen or managers. Such a goal involves working to win in three distinct areas:
    Your own individual performance.
    The collective performance of your unit, department or organization.
    The external customers and marketplace.

    Lead successfully       COMMUNICATE Effectively       MANAGE Professionally

    Corporate Workshop is fully packed with easy to implement yet profound strategies and motivation that help not only in Sales, Customer & Business Management, but in all aspects of your business life and even in your life outside of business.

    NLP Techniques
    Practical guide to understand working of other's Mind.
    At last a true result giving program for professionals.

    "Mind Mastery is a communication language which gives result in your favour."

    Why Mind Mastery - applied NLP?
    Mind Mastery Program offers practical and rapid methods for personal growth and influence. It teaches us the processes and the language of human mind, and the effective communication techniques to use for your and others' benefits, influence and success. It is the study of how people do things, how they think, process information, behave and about using what works and discarding what does not.

    How Mind Mastery Works?
    Using Mind Mastery techniques, your personal growth, happiness & professional success will be consistent & much more predictable. Your ability to empower yourself for optimum results will be enhanced. Your effectiveness working with others will be dramatically increased.

    How Mind Mastery Works?
    Gain more access to your peak performance.
    Clear up past negative experiences that may hold you back.
    It puts you in-charge of your own motivation.
    Run your Super Computer - your brain - the way it was designed.
    An evidence based approach for coaches, leaders and individuals.
    Mind Mastery is the systematic study of Human Communication.
    Mind Mastery is the study on exceptional talent : how outstanding individuals and organizations get their results.
    GWith Mind Mastery everyone can be naturally talented.
    Mind Mastery is an approach to discover that by changing HOW you think, you can transform WHAT you think.
    Powerful techniques of persuasion and negotiation.
    Learn secret success of Top Achievers and much more.
    Change your habits in less than an hour, even after you have struggled for years.

    You will find that the "Life Skills" you learn will dramatically affect every aspect of Your Life.
    Whether you're already succeeding in your profession, or having some difficulties in job, business or relationships, Mind Mastery can help you to achieve, maintain and enhance excellence.
    Mind Mastery for self-development, personal excellence & business leadership which simply helps
    you to move from mediocrity to excellence.
    Increase your Influence, Business, Personal Relationship, Sales, Clients Network & Raise Income
    The ultimate tool to build everlasting relationship and tap in human resource.
    Parenting Seminar
    Mom-Dad, please come & attend this program & know what I want from you?
    You can make me a smart child by knowing these principles....

    Are you a learning parent or teaching?

    All children are unique in the way they process information and learn things from their parents. There

    are no weak or untalented children. They are just children and each thinks differently. To unleash the true talent within child & to bring out the best in her or him, parents need to be educated by themselves to educate their child. It's not what but how you respond that can make all difference in their life.

    Parenting is not about kids, It's about
    Having children in between age 1 to 30

    Parenting Seminar
    Special Gift for those who care about families.

    Nurturing the leader within your child
    What every parent needs to know

    Secrets of successful parenting
    Discover different ways to enjoy Quality Family Time Together
    Learn prerequisite of Successful Parenting
    Learn to create healthy & growing environment for your child
    Understand child psychology & studies
    Manage your child's fears & phobias for exam.
    evelop healthy self-esteem in your child

    Improve Your and Teens Relationship & Communication

    Assess your parenting style for teamwork & family unity
    Are you worried?
    Child's negative behaviour and exam fear?
    Child is unhappy or falling behind a school?
    Curfews in family and communication gap?
    Working together in business problem?
    Married child's relationship problem?
    Drug, alcohol or love problem?
    Struggle to get co-operation?
    Nag or shout with child?
    Quickest way to become the better parent that you want to be and that your children deserve.
    Learn Best Parenting Principles...
    No job is more important than being a parent.
    No advise to child is the best advice.
    Your child is a mirror of your action/reaction.
    Exam result is not the measurement of talent.
    Lose temper, you are the loser, Better to agree than to be right.
    Whatever you think, perceive & speak, will get from child.
    The first duty of Love is to listen and not to give advice.
    Learn from yesterday, hope for tomorrow, live for today.
    Focus on the problem not the child & treat child with respect.
    "Child success depends on the freedom to become the best."
    How to talk so Teens Will Listen & listen so Teens Will Talk to get the best for your child?
    If you want to make Winning - a - habit, Cultivate "Winning Habits".
    Habits That Make You a Winner

    If you know how to change your habits, then even a small effort can Create Big Changes.
    Every human being has unknowingly cultivated losing habits that hold him back. These loosing habits are like a cocoon that restricts the growth of a beautiful butterfly. If a person breaks this cocoon successfully he can emerge as a very successful person.

    Success in all-round performance and hence winning habits also focus on 3600 change in your life by making you develop WINNING PERSONAL HABITS & WINNING PUBLIC HABITS.

    It not only shows the sure shot path to success but also the strength & confidence to walk on the never ending journey to success.
    Winning Habits Good or Bad Habits
    Winning Habits is a slave of habits. Habits determine weather you are a winner or a loser.
    Hence cultivating "Winning Habits" is of utmost importance in the life of every human being.
    If you want to achieve your highest aspirations & overcome your greatest challenges,
    identify & apply Winning Habits to which success is tied.

    Attitude :

    “Life is only 10% how you make it & 90% how you take it."

    Often times your success or failure depends not only on the situation you are in, but how you react to that situation which is significantly influence by your attitude. Having a positive attitude involves looking for the best in a situation, being realistic about possibilities and consequences.

    Leadership - (Transactional & Transformational) :

    "Leadership is not position, it is performance."

    Explore your own ability to be an effective leader. You'll learn where to focus your energies in order to have greater influence back at your work place. And importantly, you'll understand where you can act with confidence, knowing where your colleagues see your strengths as a leader.

    Goal setting & Achieving :

    "A person not having a goal is doomed to work for a person having a goal."

    Goals - one never plans to fail but always fails to plan. Discover your own personal uniqueness, overcome negative conditioning by forcing yourself to concentrate on positive, target achievement-oriented areas.

    Time Management :

    "If you manage your time, you manage your life."

    Things come up and you may be forced to change your plan at times, but for the most part, knowing exactly what you need to achieve each day and having a plan to ensure that these things get done, will help you be more in control of your destiny. Analyze, Manage, Utilize and Save, 86400 Opportunities a day.

    Habit of going extra mile :

    "A competitive edge gives you the winning edge."

    Going extra mile brings out positive emotions in others to both remember & feel good about you. It helps you to move ahead of your competition. Go the extra mile in your life & expect noting in return, then just sit back & enjoy the by-product of success, will eventually come your way with natural help of Universe.

    Stress Management :

    "Life changing strategies for a balanced person & professional life."

    Win control over the stress in your life. Your body's stress reaction was meant to protect you. But when it's constantly on alert, your health has to pay the price. Take steps to control your stress by controlling your Mind.

    Instant Management :

    "Management should be done of the speed of thought - Bill Gates."

    This techniques will equip you with a new set of skills your future behavior with a new degree of confidence & certainty. Identify and tackle the right problem in the right way, ensuring that you focus your energy & resources in right area. Learn hi-speed techniques of Goal Setting, Appreciation & Reprimand.

    Assertiveness Training :

    "Learn to talk differently & make things happen for you."

    Being assertive is a core communication skill. It means that you stand up for yourself, express yourself effectively & prevent others from taking advantage of you. Being assertive helps boost self-confidence, control stress & help you win respect from others. It can also help control stress and anger. When we behave assertively, we express respect for our feelings and opinions of others without doing what they expect or demand.

    Smart Marketing :

    "Understanding the marketing mix for permanent growth."

    Understand the method and means by which you propel your business into the public consciousness. While the world of business has changed by leaps & bounds, the basic principles of marketing have remained the same. Recall 4P's of marketing.

    Selling skills :

    "What do you sell? Your product or your-self."

    Do you and your sales force need to improve selling skills? Do you and your team consistently hit sales Targets? Are you comfortable with the existing professional selling skills or do you wish to know how to increase profit by enhancing productivity by selling more?

    Here comes the proven most result oriented program
    Life Problems Before Workshop
    Conscious and Unconscious fears
    Missing your targets
    No self awareness of what you want, what you want to be and what you want to do
    Suffering from Stress & Tension
    Money Runs away from you
    Subconscious Mind controls your life
    Mentally and Emotionally unstable
    Family Relationship problem
    Child Attitude and Study problem
    Thoughts, Words, Actions & Behavior is not aligned
    Results After Workshop
    Long lasting self-confidence
    Know your true potential for Greater Success
    Set & Achieve Goals in line with purpose of
    your life
    Live a Stress-free Life
    Easily attract money in your life
    Your control on your Subconscious Mind
    Mentally and Emotionally balanced
    Balance between your work & Relationships
    Improved Study Habits with Positive Attitude
    Thoughts, Words, Actions & Behavior will be aligned
    Bring the change in yourself which you want to see in the outside world...
    You can change your belief & thought pattern.
    You will be able to set and achieve your goal.
    You will develop Everlasting Relationship.
    You will be able to solve your problems.
    You will be able to control your stress and attain mental peace.
    Your self confidence, concentration and creative power will be enhanced.
    You will become positive thinker.
    You will learn to control your pain.
    You can get rid of destructive addictions, phobias & can manage sleep.
    Your E.Q. & S.Q. will increase.
    You can attract abundant riches.
    Convert Desires & Goals to Reality and Change your Belief & Thought Pattern.

    Dynamic Memory
    A must for students who desires everlasting Success in Academics.
    In real lie of Children, it stimulates Classroom Result & Develop Strong Memory Power

    "A man's real possession
    is his memory. In nothing else he is rich,
    in nothing else he is poor."
    Learn to remember any information,
    easily and for long time through different
    memory techniques.

    Smart Studies
    Studies with Fun Method.
    5 Days emergency Method.
    Master your weaker subject.
    How to learn & study for Exam.
    Provide A+ Answer Method.
    80-20 rule, Kaizen & Passion with Consistency.
    Toppers' Secret System
    Law of attraction for Students.
    Learn minimum & Score Maximum.
    Goal setting, achieving & carrier Guidance.
    15 strategy to come out of jam during exams.

    The ultimate result oriented Memory Workshop
    Plan your career
    Train Your Memory.
    Memorize a Whole Book.
    Get Better Grades in school.
    Increase your interest in Studies.
    Learn Quick methods to Improve Calculation & Memorizing Speed.
    Instantly recall Important Facts & Figures.
    Become more self-confident & Self-reliant.
    Become more Organized and Time-efficient.
    Remember Appointments & Commitments.
    Remove Exam Phobia & Improve Concentration.

    Memory is Power....

    In your Service, Business or Professional Life, remembering Client's Names, Telephone Numbers, Key Financial Data, Appointments and Important facts gives you 'A Winning Edge' in the competition.

    Memory is Happiness....

    In your Family & Social life for sure path to friendship, admiration & popularity.

    Memory is Success....

    In real life of children, stimulate classroom result and develop strong mind power.

    Memory can never be good or bad, it can be only trained or untrained.

    Mind Power Programme
    Experience the ultimate spiritual journey... Are you ready to create a miracle in your life...?
    If there is no meditation then you are like a blind man in a world of great beauty, light and colour.
    Awaken the subconscious mind and let it work for you.

    The Ultimate Mind Control Workshop

    We have two types of Mind - Conscious & Subconscious. Our Conscious Mind has 10% powers & Subconscious Mind has 90% powers. If we can do programming of the Subconscious Mind scientifically, it has the power to convert our desires & goals to reality. Between our Conscious state & sleep there is a most important state of Mind which is called Alpha State of Mind (Subconscious activated state). During alpha state our Subconscious Mind is ready to accept our commands & starts working on it. By learning how to go into alpha state when desired & to program our Subconscious Mind we can get lots of benefits. This workshop is all about practically using our Subconscious Mind.

    Since the beginning of time, people have asked...
    ...Is there a power that enables to....
    Reach Goals, Visit Higher Heavens, Amplify Psychic Powers, Create Abundance of Wealth, Protect 'Self' Against Negative Forces and if such power exists....
    How can we have access to it? The Answer is MIND POWER WORKSHOP...!!!

    "I have been practicing and teaching about meditation for about almost 10 years now and it is no exaggeration to say that it has changed my life, and the lives of my students. It has brought drastic changes in a profoundly positive way. I believe that it can do the same for you.

    With that aim in mind I have developed a number of different exercises for this workshop that I have found particularly effective, so that you can discover yourself, experience unlimited potential Inside and rise above the world."

    The divine needs you as much as you need the divine.
    There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy.
    Our own mind, our own heart is our temple,
    my philosophy is unconditional love to all..
    The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give to yourself in this life.
    Scientific training program to unleash the unlimited power within

    Course Contents

    Power of Mind-Theory

    Effect of Mind on Body

    Pranadharna (Relaxation)

    Circle of Confidence

    Fire Eating

    Change Thoughts & Beliefs

    Secret of Attraction

    Science of Living

    Dynamic Meditation

    Attract Mone

    10 Basic Differences between

    Middle Class & Millionaires

    Phobia Buster

    Goal Setting & Achieving

    Divine Planning

    Pain Control

    Yog Mudra Technique

    Sleep Management

    Mental Clock

    Mini Nap

    Third Eye (Astral Travel)


    Dance Meditation

    You will get answers of

    Who are you?

    Where have you come from?

    What is the purpose of your life?

    You are the light-being
                from the light world.

    Mind Power Workshop
    Mind Control Methods   +   Belief & Thought Pattern   +   Alpha Meditation   +   Laws of Attraction   +   Pranadharna   +   Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Leadership Development.
  • Management Skills
  • Happiness Unlimited.
  • Dynamic Parenting.
  • Husband - Wife Seminars.
  • Dynamic Yoga.
  • Freedom from Addiction.
  • Effective Sales / Applied NLP
  • Anger/ Fear Management.
  • Smart Work Techniques.
  • New Generation Meditation Technique.
  • Relationship Development.
  • Soft Skills Programs.

Our Courses

  • 1. Stress Management.
  • 2. Leadership Development.
  • 3. Management Skills
  • 4. Secrets Of Success.
  • 5. Corporate Trainings.
  • 6. Happiness Unlimited.
  • 7. Money Matrix.
  • 8. Dynamic Parenting.
  • 9. Husband - Wife Seminars.
  • 10. Dynamic Yoga.
  • 11. Freedom from Addiction.
  • 12. Effective Sales / Applied NLP
  • 13. Mind Power Programs.
  • 14. Anger/ Fear Management.
  • 15. Smart Work Techniques.
  • 16. New Generation Meditation Technique.
  • 17. Relationship Development.