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About Us

Shashi Kumar, Life Coach

Shashi Kumar Life Coach

Welcome to UDAN FOUNDATION Life Changing Programs. Life Coach shashikumar, founder of Udan Foundation who is born and brought up in Pune (Maharashtra State in India). He has done his Mechanical Engineering from D.Y.Patil. College of Engineering Pune after which he worked as a Successful Businessman in Automobile Sector for 12 Years in Pune.

While into business he went into many Ups and Downs in different aspects of life at Family, Business, Financial, Mental and Physical Level, due to which his search for Ultimate Truth started.

He got Enlightened in February 2006 and realized his passion as a Life Coach and has successfully conducting Life Changing Programs for Corporates, Government and Private Organizations, Government and Private Training Institutes, NGO’s, Communities, Colleges, Open Workshop etc. He has been into Training Field since 8 years and has Successfully Touched the Hearts of Thousands of People by Positively Transforming their Lives.

He is also into Social Work and has conducted many programs in Tribal areas, Orphanage (Ashrams) and Remote Small Villages and created an Awareness about Training and Motivated the People there for betterment of their Lives.

Dear Friends,
Everybody in this world desires to live a successful, balanced, happy life, but to be realistic we are living in the time of tremendous uncertainty. If your Career is going great, you don’t have time for family and friends. On the contrary if you have good relationships, you are down at your health or success. We attain vast Academic Knowledge through Schools and Colleges but lack in Knowledge about Life and so we get depressed when we start facing challenges in different aspects of Life. We have high IQ but we need to develop our EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Social Quotient), Winning is important for us but we don’t know how to digest Failures.
Having Personal Experience of more than 20 years and worked with lakhs of people, i have designed and refined some training programs that will make you live a complete Balanced Life in every aspect.
It will be my pleasure to serve you through my Scientific and Miraculous Training Programs that will Unlock and Unleash the tremendous Potential and Powers hidden under our Negative Beliefs, so that you live a Ultimate Quality of Life that you Desire and Deserve B’coz… You are Born to Win…!


Our Mission

To add Values and Ethics to this Beautiful Life...

Our Vision

Not to leave this world with just my family and Fame but also Love, Happiness and Peace in every one...!!!